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Real Estate Investment & Property Management

BCG Real Estate Group is a veteran owned and operated real estate investment and management company focused on finding, acquiring and optimizing value-add multi family real estate in high demand markets. 

Our Team

BCG Real Estate Group is a veteran owned and operated business with a shared vision amongst its partners to build wealth through real estate investing. The company's founders share a unique story in that each of them attended and graduated from a different Military Academy, making the likelihood of friendship, let alone business success, very unlikely! Against all odds, they leveraged each others strengths to get started and founded BCG (which stands for Beat Coast Guard) Real Estate Group.   

The team's goal is to build a portfolio of real estate assets, alongside their investors, to provide a long term vehicle for wealth accumulation and preservation. 


Chief Financial Officer - Andrew Dorazio

Andrew is a US Military Academy graduate who is a former supply chain consultant and currently runs the day-to-day operations for BCG Real Estate Group. He has been a real estate agent in the Chicagoland area for 8+ years and is an owner / investor of multi-family buildings across the country since 2008.

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Chief Operations Officer -
JD Modrak

Navy and U Chicago grad, JD has managed multi-family properties and AirBnBs in Chicago and Minneapolis for the past 5 years. JD specializes in executing and overseeing our project renovations, and managing leasing operations across the portfolio.

Joseph Dumas Headshot.jpg

Chief Marketing Officer -
Joey Dumas

Air Force and U Chicago grad, founder of an Airbnb management company, and experience in multi-family rentals in Chicago. Joey flies CR700s for American Airlines and keeps our investors, tenants and vendors / partners informed and leads our acquisition strategy.

Kyle Headshot.jpg

Head of Operations -
Kyle Dierkens

Kyle brings around a decade of operational and military experience to the team as he heads up the operations division of BCG. He is responsible for literally everything, to include maintenance coordination, leasing operations, marketing and sales and special projects coordination. Kyle has played an integral part in overseeing our recent rehab projects.

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Administrative Lead -
Faye Hautea

Faye comes to the BCG team all the way from the Philippines! She is our admin lead and handles all of our Mid Term Rental (MTR) operations and leasing work. Faye is constantly cruising Furnished Finder to find our next tenants for some of our furnished properties. 

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Our Mission

To always improve.


To improve our investors through steady returns, passively.


To improve our tenants through creating a great and safe space to live.


To improve our neighborhoods by creating better properties 

Our Core Values

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People First

Serving our tenants by providing them a tremendous quality of life

Serving our team members by providing them an amazing place to work with an abundance of opportunity

Serving our community by providing safe and beautiful places to live

Serving our investors with integrity to preserve and grow capital



Our team has been through tough times in the past and we are no strangers to overcoming adversity. At our core we thrive solving hard problems, and always persevere to see the mission through. 


Team Work

Our value as a company comes from the combined efforts of our team and how working together can magnify our results. Each of our team members compliment each other with both skill sets and personalities, bringing diversity in thought, experience and approach. We are also humble enough to know when we have to bring in the big dogs to handle a problem, and we aren't afraid to admit that.

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