Our Current Projects


Our team collectively owns and manages over two dozen properties across the US. Here is a snapshot highlighting a few of our marquee deals that our team has conducted over the last couple of years as a group.

Winchester Front Picture.jpg
Wicker Park 4 Flat


Beautiful 4 flat in the heart of Wicker Park, steps from restaurants, bars and shops. This was BCG's first acquisition, and has returned consistent returns for our investors. Our team got busy executing the business plan to conduct minor repairs, tuckpoint the building, upgrade the stairs in front and redo the landscaping. We also got rid of a few costly contracts and rented out the garage space which were immediate easy steps to increase the property's value.

These value add activities resulted in an increased appraised value of $140k when we refinanced a few months later, quickly making the initial investment worth quite a bit more. The next move is to knock down the existing garage and build a new structure with an additional parking space, adding up to $2400 in annual revenue and around $40,000 in overall forced appreciation. 

Purchase Price: $1,025,000

Appraised Value: $1,165,000

Investor Gain: $140,000

Gross Revenue: $90,000

Net Operating Income: $75,000

450 N May Front.png
Fulton Market District 6 Flat (Under Contract)

Stunning 6 flat on the border of Fulton Market District, one of the hottest neighborhoods in all of Chicago. This building is steps from fine dining, night life, transportation and high skill jobs in the area. The team has secured this building under contract and is fully committed from investors.

Once the team closes, we will begin executing the business plan, converting unused basement space into an additional livable space to be added to existing units. This will command much higher market rents once completed. 

Purchase Price: $1,540,000

Appraised Value: $1,560,000

Investor Gain: $20,000

Gross Revenue: $136,000

Net Operating Income: $101,400

Walton Front Picture_edited.jpg
Noble Square VA 4flat House Hack

Well located 4 flat in Noble Square that our team house hacked using the VA loan to purchase and live for free (plus additional cash flow). Two of our team members lived in the coach house while using the front three units as Short Term Rentals. Pre-covid, this strategy enabled them to increase revenue well above normal long term rental rates. Post-covid, the team has reconverted the units back to long term rentals and continues to cash flow tremendously.


The benefit of the VA loan in this circumstance enabled us to purchase the property with $0 down, at a low interest rate, and live in one unit and rent the rest. The VA loan is a very powerful tool to buy deals like this. 

This strategy is something our team can help coach our clients on executing, as we have the right people in place to find, buy, lend and manage on deals like this.  

925 N Ashland Picture.jpg
Noble Square 6 flat with Commercial Space

Our team purchased this on-market 6flat at a 6.5CAP rate with plenty of upside as there are covid-influenced reduced rents in place. The commercial space is a take out only pizza joint with 2.5% rent increases in place for the next 5 years. The plan is to stabilize rents as market conditions improve and reduce expenses through efficient property management over time to improve the buildings value.