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Real Estate Investment & Property Management

BCG Real Estate Group is a veteran owned and operated real estate investment and management company focused on finding, acquiring and optimizing value-add multi family real estate in high demand markets. 

Noble Square VA 4 Flat (House Hack)

Well located 4 flat in Noble Square that our team house hacked using the VA loan to purchase and live for free (plus additional cash flow). Two of our team members lived in the coach house while using the front three units as Short Term Rentals. Pre-covid, this strategy enabled them to increase revenue well above normal long term rental rates. Post-covid, the team has reconverted the units back to long term rentals and continues to cash flow tremendously.


The benefit of the VA loan in this circumstance enabled us to purchase the property with $0 down, at a low interest rate, and live in one unit and rent the rest. The VA loan is a very powerful tool to buy deals like this. 

This strategy is something our team can help coach our clients on executing, as we have the right people in place to find, buy, lend and manage on deals like this.  

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